Luisma Herrero


When Luisma began working in the Sombrero sculpture workshop in the Faculty of Fine Arts (UCM) we were left somewhat puzzled. Luisma carves huge tree trunks for months on end, with evident physical effort, until he makes the piece disappear. More than sculpture it is rhythm, action sustained in time. If “the nature of reality is resistance” according to Ortega y Gasset, it may be that for Luisma, coming face to face with the hard resistance of wood is a way of entering reality.

At the same time, Luisma paints in the workshop (Intermediae, Matadero Madrid). He paints enormous surfaces, employing huge amounts of water. He moves the water, and everything seems to be once again a work of rhythm, time sustained by movement. Fascinated by water since he was a child, by seeking in movement something of the fluency between liquid and solid, water and wood.