Cai Tomos

Cai’s work is influenced by his preoccupation with the psychological and psychosocial aspects related to dance and dancing, producing work in the form of performance, installation, film and writing.

His interest lies in a fluidity of working with both professionals and ‘non-professionals’. Much of his work is based on offering the stage to bodies that don’t often get seen in dance and in theatre, and those who have never performed. Challenging the aesthetics of what constitutes dance and uncovering peoples’ own movement styles are part of his preoccupations.

Cai works within various contexts in participatory arts – offering workshops in dance for those in hospitals, mental health settings, those with addiction, older people, as well as professional actors and dancers in the UK and across Europe.

His work is deeply rooted in exploring notions of energy and memory within the body with reference to the personal and the collective stories, which the body holds. Improvisational dance practices are the foundation of his creative process. His workshops are based on a creative process that supports the development body-mind awareness.


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